Flight Facilities – Crave You (Remix) #Cover

This lovely cover was released about ten days ago, and it’s a really nice lounge-y guitar and simple bass cover with minimal dub-wubs that really carve the song into something interesting.
Check out the links after the break to get in touch with this duo from France

Flight Facilities – Crave You (TEEMID & Daniela Andrade Cover)

Teemid Facebook
Teemid Soundcloud


I’ve been following Country Club Martini Crew, a remix group from São Paulo, for quite some time now.
They have remixed songs by Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and my all-time favorite: One More Night by Maroon 5

That is how I first found out about this awesomely titled group and their up-and-coming remixes. Definitely keep a watch out for this group in the future because the Brazil EDM scene is only warming up.

CCMC Twitter

It’s funny, the things we gossip about. Day in and day out, in front of the watercooler; however, the aforementioned device isn’t the commonplace anymore.

It had been replaced by the instant message, the Snapchat, the iMessage group message, kik, tweets, dms and Facebook group messages.

The way in which we communicate has changed. Are you changing with it?

That right there should be a PR campaign/advertisement for a company.

My watering hole

My watering hole