Bastille – Pompeii (Remixes) – [Soundcloud] #Remixes

The following is a Daft Punk-80s synth dance tune for those who enjoy the 80s classic dance tracks.

With their basic synth and catchy tunes, you’ll love this awesome remix by French duo Rise and Fool that I found in the Soundcloud pile of awesomeness.

It’s a tune that’s suited to warm up a party, or perfectly suited right in the middle to switch things up.
I hope you enjoy it because I know I sure did!

Bastille – Pompeii (Rise and Fool Remix)

Next, we have another remix, this one is more clubby and upbeat – maybe for a house party of some sort.
This one is presented by England based OliT

Bastille – Pompeii (OliT Remix) [Thatched Productions]

My final vote goes to the dancier and electro-packed remix of Pompeii by Norwegian duo Primacy Funk and Mats Gulbrandsen.

Bastille – Pompeii (Primacy Funk & Mats Gulbrandsen Remix)

Enjoy more to come as I scour the web for amazing tracks from Soundcloud and beyond!


This great drum cover of Burn by Ellie Goulding is a diamond in the rough. Honestly, I haven’t heard a great cover like this in quite a while. Not only is his timing of each drum great, but it’s the pattern that he follows when playing and his choices of drums and cymbals that land this cover/remix as a favorite in my book.

Chris Kamrada – Ellie Goulding – "Burn" Drum Cover/Remix – YouTube.

Unfortunately, it has some copyrighted content and the owner as asked that you view it on YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience, but enjoy!

I’ve been following Country Club Martini Crew, a remix group from São Paulo, for quite some time now.
They have remixed songs by Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and my all-time favorite: One More Night by Maroon 5

That is how I first found out about this awesomely titled group and their up-and-coming remixes. Definitely keep a watch out for this group in the future because the Brazil EDM scene is only warming up.

CCMC Twitter

Good News from back Home

So, I found out today, that thanks to my hometown – Sugar Land, Texas – it is now the most racially diverse county in the United States and even is a model America for the future.

The traffic there sucks, so does that come with the future of America?

I hope not. We need more public and faster ways of transportation. Every year when I venture back home for Christmas, there are too many cars on Highway 6 and it takes at least thirty minutes to get from my house to the mall (at night when no one is around, I can get from my house to the mall in twelve minutes).

For the most part, the article names Fort Bend – a country in which the city of Sugar Land resides about 110,000 and in my opinion, rivals that of Harris County – the most diverse county in America.

Sugar Land, Missouri City, Needville, Greatwood, Rosenberg, Richmond, Stafford and Cinco Ranch are all part of the Fort Bend County.

I’m Ruining Burgundy?

That, or they’re getting the word out there – a lot has happened in nine years.
Plus, the studio is engaging in tactics that we’re used to seeing on national products…not people.

Seeing Will Ferrell dressed as Ron Burgundy everywhere is definitely creating a buzz, and I think the producers really want a positive response…but I think they’re getting a little of both since the marketing/advertising/pr they’re doing is highly invasive and we’re not used to seeing this from the Ron Burgundy team.

Now, if this marketing ploy ties into the film, that will be fantastic. But for now, let’s see how it plays out – hopefully the marketing and advertising arm don’t over-hype their product and cause the film to suffer horrible ratings.

Well, Ron has been making guest appearances on local news broadcasts and more recently, CNN (which I do not partake in watching) to promote his new movie, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Amid all these “attempts” at what is an attack on the commodification of the Ron Burgundy franchise, I believe that the “Anchorman” brand could possibly be over-hyped and over-sold (read heavily hyped via marketing, PR stunts and advertising no thanks to the studio and publishing companies) to the general public.

Yes, we understand, it’s been nine years since the first Anchorman was plastered up on a large screen, in dimly lit theatres across the globe, for our eyes to feast upon and to gross millions worldwide. We know it has been nine years, but do you think we haven’t forgotten? Do you think the public hasn’t urged its second forthcoming since that of the illustrious Duke Nukem Forever or the doomed Episode 3 of Half Life?

Next time, when you’re thinking about all the stunts Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy is pulling, just remember that too much hype for a product that’s been too long in the making could have a negative effect that affects our expectations.