Muppets Puppeteer John Henson Dead at 48


John Henson Dead MuppetsJohn Henson , puppeteer and son of  Muppets creator Jim Henson, died Friday of a heart attack. He was 48.

The Jim Henson Company announced Henson’s death on its Facebook page Saturday.

In addition to serving as a board member and shareholder in the company behind The Muppets, Henson also performed as Sweetums the ogre in movies like Muppet Treasure Island and The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz and in various specials.

Henson is survived by his wife, Gyongyi, and daughters Katrina and Sydney.

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55th Annual Carol of Lights Ceremony

It’s December 3rd up here in Raiderland and here at Texas Tech, we like to throw ourselves a good ole-fashioned ceremony to welcome the month of giving, rejoicing and most importantly enjoying the time spent with family and friends.

If you’re from here, you may already know what I’m alluding to. If you’re not, well, then listen up because: Red Raiders, if you’re not in Lubbock and wish you could be here to see the amazing 55th Annual Carol of Lights Ceremony, well then I have a surprise for you.

You can now watch it live, via livestream! The live broadcast starts at 6:30 P.M. CST and will last until the tree is lit.

If this is your first time or if you’ve seen them all, come be apart of Raiderland for a night – we’ll be glad to extend the hospitality.

How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang

Alexandre Afonso

In 2000, economist Steven Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh published an article in the Quarterly Journal of Economics about the internal wage structure of a Chicago drug gang. This piece would later serve as a basis for a chapter in Levitt’s (and Dubner’s) best seller Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (P.S.) The title of the chapter, “Why drug dealers still live with their moms”, was based on the finding that the income distribution within gangs was extremely skewed in favor  of those at the top, while the rank-and-file street sellers earned even less than employees in legitimate low-skilled activities, let’s say at McDonald’s. They calculated 3.30 dollars as the hourly rate, that is, well below a living wage (that’s why they still live with their moms). [2]

If you take into account the risk of being shot by rival gangs, ending up in jail or…

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A Blog Post I Will Probably Regret

"Be like Aslan," she wrote.

I’m tired, y’all.

Tired of not fully understanding my French reading. Tired of not having proper time to go the the Rec. Tired of my phone being broken.

Above all, dear reader, I am tired of being a Millennial.

Not because I’m ashamed of my Millennial brothers and sisters. Not because I wish I was born in another era (that’s a whole other story). But because I’m tired of being bashed in popular media.

I read anotherarticle the other day which sarcastically mocked 20-somethings. And it just might have been the straw that broke the 20-something’s back.

Hi, I’m an entitled and broke 20-something and today I’m here to share with you some tips and tricks to grocery shopping on a budget that I’ve picked up over the past year and a half. You see, I graduated college a year and a half ago and, without meal plans or…

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It’s funny, the things we gossip about. Day in and day out, in front of the watercooler; however, the aforementioned device isn’t the commonplace anymore.

It had been replaced by the instant message, the Snapchat, the iMessage group message, kik, tweets, dms and Facebook group messages.

The way in which we communicate has changed. Are you changing with it?

That right there should be a PR campaign/advertisement for a company.

My watering hole

My watering hole

The City of Roses Part II: Sights

Nicholas AndrianI | Adventurer + Writer + Scientist

With Portland’s philosophical temperament, insane amount of breweries (something like 71) , and solid, mellow vibes it’s hard to break away from the inner city. Yet, when you manage to, the surrounding areas contain an abundance of natural beauty. Moving away from the bells and whistles of city life, the call of the wild echoes from the mountain tops into the heart of PDX, emerging from the cobblestone streets as a powerful guide, taking you off the pavement and into the wild itself.

In no particular order, I present to you the wild, the ever inspiring, somewhat touristic sights of PDX

The Japanese Gardens

2013-10-04 12.45.41
There’s an influential air of tranquility in the 5.5 acre park where stones mingle with plants and water to create a sense of harmony, balance between worlds. Said to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of the motherland, the park is separated into five equally…

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Love Is Sweeter The 2nd Time Around

Mind's Seat

capitol lagoon
Have you fallen in love for the first time?
Did it feel like it’s the most wonderful thing happened in your life?
Did he or she meant the one thing you want by your side?
Is the giggling forever when he or she is on sight?
Love came like a hurricane —so unexpected, so overwhelming.
Yet the anticipation of many is the same —if it’s love it’s going to hit you like a train.
But what everyone seems to ignore or let’s say what we all deny is the possibility of missing the train.
Love is like a potion that could make us believe something beautiful could not go wrong and be taken away from us.
Love comes, goes, hurts, and even betrays.
That’s the kind of love we know.
When a lover leaves our door our common resolution would always be “I’ll never fall in love again”.
And your…

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