Good News from back Home

So, I found out today, that thanks to my hometown – Sugar Land, Texas – it is now the most racially diverse county in the United States and even is a model America for the future.

The traffic there sucks, so does that come with the future of America?

I hope not. We need more public and faster ways of transportation. Every year when I venture back home for Christmas, there are too many cars on Highway 6 and it takes at least thirty minutes to get from my house to the mall (at night when no one is around, I can get from my house to the mall in twelve minutes).

For the most part, the article names Fort Bend – a country in which the city of Sugar Land resides about 110,000 and in my opinion, rivals that of Harris County – the most diverse county in America.

Sugar Land, Missouri City, Needville, Greatwood, Rosenberg, Richmond, Stafford and Cinco Ranch are all part of the Fort Bend County.

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