NSFW: “Original Prankster” (read: office prankster)


Whoa there cowboy.

One time while working at a upscale Italian restaurant, my manager orders the eggplant parmigiana with a side of sausage and meatballs and this is how the cooks devise to deliver it to him…

Pretty hysterical if your ask me. He was a cool sport about it, and gave a good chuckle but onto another story that involves almost the same food.

There was a separate time where I was working one Sunday morning brunch and had to deliver a table’s food. Well, I had already been to the table before so I knew what to expect when I drop their food off.

Skip ahead and I’m dropping off the food. It’s a mother and daughter, nice, but sexy church-going ladies. The daughter orders two eggs Sunnyside up on two biscuits with a side of Italian sausage – she took one look at it and smiled, then gasped as to play her mom for a fool.

Most awkward, yet funniest moment while working in a restaurant.

I think she lost her appetite after that.


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